A Glimpse Of Some Of The World’s Most Expensive Teas & Coffees

Sip on some of the most expensive teas and coffees in the world. 

A rich, aromatic indulgence, there’s more to a cup of tea or coffee than meets the eye. Yes, they are an everyday necessity for most, but beyond that, they have emerged as beacons of refinement and indulgence. These elixirs embody sophistication, offering a sensory journey that transcends the everyday. And each sip is a celebration of nature and craftsmanship. From the misty tea estates to the sun-drenched coffee plantations, each cup tells a tale of rarity, and unparalleled quality, elevating moments of repose. 

Black Ivory from Thailand

Approximately ₹2,07,812 per kg

Saint Helena from the Island of Saint Helena

Approximately ₹41,063 per kg

Hacienda La Esmeralda from Panama

Approximately ₹36,574 per kg

Da-Hong Pao from China

Approximately ₹9,97,49,940 per kg

Panda Dung Tea from China

Approximately ₹58,18,746 per kg

Yellow Gold Tea Buds from Singapore

Approximately ₹6,48,374 per kg

Silver Tips Imperial Tea from India

Approximately ₹1,53,781 per kg

Kopi Luwak from Indonesia

Approximately ₹1,08,062 per kg

* Images are for representational purposes only

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