Actress Sonam Kapoor along with husband Anand Ahuja, who is a very successful Indian entrepreneur, welcomed their child into the world on the 20th of August 2022.

They recently put up a post on Instagram revealing what his name was and why. The couple wore matching yellow outfits along with their son who was also dressed in yellow.

Sonam revealed that his name was Vayu Kapoor Ahuja. She said the reason behind this was: “In Hindu scriptures, Vayu is one of the paanch tatvas. He is the deity of breath, the spiritual father of Hanuman, Bheem and Madhav, and He is the incredibly powerful lord of wind. Praana is Vayu, a guiding force of life and intelligence in the universe. All the deities of Praana, Indra, Shiva and Kali relate to Vayu.
He can breathe life into beings as easily as he can destroy evil. Vayu is said to be heroic, brave and mesmerisingly beautiful.”

Even though the couple haven’t revealed their child’s face yet, they are very thankful and grateful for all the blessings and wishes they have received.

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