Amidst The Festive Season, India Has Even More To Celebrate!

An unexpected victory against an old-time rival, the skies and streets were overcome with fireworks and joy amidst the festive season but not for Diwali; for Kohli! 

At the start of the final over, India needed 16 off six to steal the victory. By the end of it, Mohammad Nawaz had bowled nine, Virat Kohli had been bowled off a free hit (and run three byes), there had been a six, a no-ball, two wides, a catch, a stumping, and next thing you know, victory was won! 

Virat Kohli was running around with his arms in the air. “I honestly have no words! I have no idea how that happened!” 

Yesterday was an extraordinary game and an extraordinary night. Give it up to the magic of #Diwali!

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