Anna ‘Delvey’ Sorokin The Anna Delvey was released from prison after 3 years and is currently in house arrest banned from using social media.

Sorokin has spoken out and has reportedly decided to fight being deported to Germany. She says that she wanted to fix what she did wrong in an interview with New York Times.

Sorokin said, ”Letting them deport me would have been like a sign of capitulation – confirmation of this perception of me as this shallow person who only cares about obscene wealth, and that’s just not the reality.” She also added that she was working on her own podcast with different guests for each episode.

The false heiress who inspired the hit Netflix mini series Inventing Anna had been sentenced to four to 12 years in prison after being convicted in 2019 on multiple counts of larceny and theft.

By using the name Anna Delvey, Sorokin slid into New York’s most elite social circles. She passed herself off as a socialite with about $67million whilst claiming her father was a diplomat.

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