Backing Hair & Woman Power!

We recently met up with Sneh Koticha-Contractor, Director at Jean-Claude Biguine Salons and Spa, India, at a classy ‘n’ cosy event put together by Roshni Amin, the elegant brand specialist who is PR Head at JCB Salons Pvt Ltd.

While we mingled over hors d’oeuvres and cocktails at The Bay Club, BKC, Mumbai, we got to know Sneha a little better…

The lady has spent the last 8 years behind the scenes and is instrumental in setting up, scaling, and promoting the brand in India. Bridging the gap between care and cure, she had added significant verticals to JCB’s roster, including home services and the Trica Hair Clinic expertise. She has a strong appetite for challenges and change, which eventually led to the expansion of the salon chain to more than 22 outposts across India.

Her vision for the brand is to now continue being the best in expertise, quality, hygiene, and service in the country! When she’s not busy running the empire and trying to disrupt the beauty industry, you will find her indulging in travel, good books, and some quality time with her family.

That’s a hefty helping of Woman Power, isn’t it??!!

@jeanclaudebiguineindia @snehkoticha

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