British singer Adele has released her much awaited music video for her latest single I drink wine.

This song is part of the artiste’s 4th album titled 30.

The music video is 7 minutes long, featuring Adele in a gold sequinned Valentino gown flowing down a river in a float. The artiste is pictured to be holding a bottle of rosé in one hand and a glass in the other, as she sings about the delusion of adulthood and growing up.

The British artiste shared the video with a select few before it officially came out. She took to Instagram to say, “Had the loveliest night last night with some of you. Thank you so much for coming. So glad I got to meet you all individually too, it really warmed my heart getting to know you a bit. The ‘I Drink Wine’ video is out now. Thank you Joe Talbot for creating a world for it and for putting the most incredible bunch of creatives together, you’re so talented and I’m honored to have worked with you all!”

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