City Planning Mastery: CIDCO’s Role in the Evolution of Navi Mumbai

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Mapping out a new city is not a task for the faint of heart, yet CIDCO has managed to do that with great efficiency through its Smart City Concepts. Here’s a rundown on CIDCO’s greatest projects and achievements.

The City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd (CIDCO) is a leading town planning agency that has played a crucial role in conceptualizing and developing Navi Mumbai into a satellite city. CIDCO’s mission is to plan and develop self-sufficient urban settlements with robust physical and social infrastructure to meet the residential, commercial, socio-cultural, and industrial needs of the population in the future.

CIDCO is committed to making Navi Mumbai selfcontained and establishing a strong foundation for both the present and future generations. The upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport, Navi Mumbai Metro, Mega Housing, and other infrastructure projects in the pipeline will play a pivotal role in urban development, thereby boosting the country’s economy.

As a multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary organization, CIDCO undertakes a diverse range of activities. Since its establishment in 1970, CIDCO has expanded into various areas, including the planning and development of new towns, consultancy, project management, and design.

CIDCO was entrusted with the responsibility of undertaking all development work and recovering the costs through the sale of land and constructed property. Some of their core functions include preventing a population influx, absorption of immigrants, providing basic civic amenities, and offering a sustainable environment.

They have successfully executed numerous projects in an environmentally sustainable manner, aiming to create a new, self-sustained city that alleviates the population congestion in Mumbai and offers an advanced and sustainable lifestyle to its residents. Through CIDCO’s efforts, Navi Mumbai is poised to become a globally renowned city in the near future.

A City With A Plan

Urban Mobility Reinvented: The Navi Mumbai Metro

To address the growing transportation needs and enhance the public transport system in Navi Mumbai, there is a pressing need to establish connectivity between all residential areas. As a solution, an integrated Metro Rail corridor has been designed for Navi Mumbai. This option is crucial for the development of a modern and smart city, as it not only improves the city’s transit system but also stimulates economic growth.

The Government of Maharashtra is overseeing the implementation of the Navi Mumbai Metro Rail Project through its company i.e. CIDCO Ltd. The project is based on the Detailed Project Report (DPR) prepared by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited and validated by RITES. The first phase of the project, spans from Belapur to Kharghar, Pendhar, Taloje, MIDC, Kalamboli and Khandeshwar which will eventually be extended to the Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) with a total length of 26.26 km being developed under four lines. As of November 17, 2023, passenger services have commenced on Navi Mumbai Metro Line-1 (NMML-1), from Belapur to Pendhar. DPR for remaining metro lines viz. NMML-2, 3 & 4 are under review.


Connecting the Navi Mumbai International Airport with the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai is of utmost importance and being planned as Mumbai Metro Line 8 & 8A. Navi Mumbai Metro Line1 will also be extended as NMML-1A, from Belapur end to connect this Metro Line-8A. CIDCO is currently working on preparing the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for these lines viz NMML-1A, & Mumbai Metro 8A.

The Metro Line-8, which will link the two airports, will serve as the first mass rapid transport system in the area in addition to the existing suburban rail system. It is proposed to link this metro to the Line 2B of MMRDA at Mandale near Mankhurd as well as Line 1 of Navi Mumbai Metro near NMMC Head Quarters. Line 2,3, 4 of Navi Mumbai Metro is also being planned and finalisation of systems is in progress for the same. The Navi Mumbai Metro will also get integrated with Kalyan Taloja Metro Line 12 by MMRDA. When all these lines are in place, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai will be seamlessly connected via metro rail.

Golfers’ Paradise: Kharghar Valley Golf Course

CIDCO envisioned the Kharghar Valley Golf Course as a means to enhance the country’s tourism industry by hosting prestigious national and international golf events. Additionally, it aims to improve the quality of life for the local population.

Nestled amidst a tranquil atmosphere and boasting breathtaking topography, this picturesque tract of land is an idyllic setting for golf enthusiasts. It is home – though still under expansion – to CIDCO’s Magnum-Opus Golf and Country Club, an 18-hole golf course built to international standards, measuring 7,174 yards, featuring a par 72 and spanning 63 hectares – a true masterpiece!

Once completed, it will have the capacity to host esteemed international golf tournaments, placing Navi Mumbai on the global golfing map. The golf course will also offer a range of amenities, including a clubhouse, luxurious villas, a five-star hotel, high-end residential apartments and bungalows, as well as a golf academy. These additions will not only elevate the city’s status but also enhance the quality of life for its residents.

Collaborative Haven For Growth & Prosperity: Corporate Park

CIDCO envisions the international corporate park to be another leap in urban development with an objective to not only cater to the existing and future demands but also to create a landmark in urban development sector. This project not only aims to strengthen the overall potential of the region, but also intends to bolster the overall image of the city by providing a development of global standards with high quality of life for its inhabitants.

The project entails holistic sustainable development, by triggering economic activities in this region and creating job opportunities. The primary objective of this project is to enhance the city’s reputation and boost the commercial potential of the region. The Corporate Park which has been designed to international standards, will serve as an ultra-modern smart city project, attracting various industries such as corporates, financial institutions, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and IT-enabled services, hospitality, medical services, retail professions, and residential complexes.

The Corporate Park will offer stateof-the-art infrastructure amenities, including 24-hour uninterrupted power and water supply, solar power, and top-notch security. To ensure efficient management of all services within the project area, a central command control center will be established for surveillance purposes. The planning and design phase is in process, and efforts are underway to develop the infrastructure by marketing one bulk land plot initially to access the market.



Convenient access to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and the International Airport, located approximately 40 km away.

Growth Drivers:

  • The upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) and NMSESs.
  • Major MIDC areas that capitalize on relevant monetizing sectors.
  • Metro connectivity to international airports.
  • Kharghar-Turbhe tunnel link road.

Revolutionising Urban Development: Mass Housing Schemes

CIDCO has been a key contributor to the success of Navi Mumbai in providing high-quality housing and infrastructure. The Corporation has played a crucial role in accommodating a significant population in the satellite city. CIDCO formulated a housing policy that incorporates the self-financing principle, utilising land as a primary resource in development to meet the growing demand across all sections of society.

With a mission to offer affordable homes, CIDCO launched multiple housing schemes in Navi Mumbai catering to different income groups, including the EWS, LIG and MIG (Mid Income Groups). These schemes, which prioritise affordable housing, have received an overwhelmingly positive response and have been highly successful. As the urban town planning agency, CIDCO has constructed approximately 150,000 housing units in the city. Of these, 51% were allocated for EWS/LIG, while 26% were reserved for MIG and 23% for HIG (High Income Groups). The focus has been on providing affordable housing for the EWS/LIG segment.

CIDCO has consistently embraced innovation, incorporating emerging technologies such as Prefab Channel Slab, 3-S Siporex System, and Earthquake-Resistant Technology. Through its unwavering commitment to urban development and planning, CIDCO has significantly contributed to the provision of better-quality housing in Navi Mumbai.

Mass Housing Scheme – January 2022

CIDCO launched the housing scheme of 5,730 houses on January 26, 2022. Under this scheme, 5,730 tenements have been made available in the rapidly developing Taloja node in Navi Mumbai. With the additional tenements introduced under the scheme, more citizens will be able to fulfill the dream of owning a house in Navi Mumbai, a city full of infrastructure facilities.

Mass Housing Scheme – August 2022

CIDCO launched the mass housing scheme on August 31, 2022 and made available 4,158 tenements in CIDCO’s housing complexes located in Dronagiri, Kalamboli, Taloja, and Kharghar nodes of Navi Mumbai for sale.

Mass Housing Scheme – Diwali 2022

CIDCO launched the mass housing scheme on October 24, 2022. Under the scheme, 7,849 tenements were made available in Bamandongri Railway Station, Kharkopar East 2A, Kharkopar East 2B, and Kharkopar East Plot No. 3 at Ulwe node of Navi Mumbai. This housing scheme allowed the citizens to buy homes in Ulwe node which is well-connected with railway, highway and the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL), and is in the proximity of the Navi Mumbai International Airport.

Beyond Four Walls: Transit Oriented Development

CIDCO is embarking on an ambitious Mass Housing Scheme, aiming to construct 67,000 tenements for the EWS and LIG categories under the PMAY programme. This scheme is built upon the concept of ‘Transit Oriented Development’, leveraging Navi Mumbai’s excellent connectivity through roads, railways and highways.

The tenements will be strategically located at the bus depot, truck terminal and railway station forecourt area in different nodes of Navi Mumbai, reducing travel time and expenses for residents, while promoting the use of public transport. Additionally, this initiative will create new employment opportunities within the city. CIDCO’s unwavering focus on affordable housing underscores its commitment of providing homes for individuals across all economic strata, thereby contributing to the overall growth and development of Navi Mumbai.

Unveiling The Vision: Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area (NAINA)

In order to prevent any chaotic and unplanned development around the Navi Mumbai International Airport, CIDCO is undertaking the development of a city known as NAINA. This city will be located within a 20 km radius of the airport and will encompass 174 revenue villages from Panvel, Pen and Uran Talukas of Raigad District in Maharashtra, covering an area of 371 sq km. Given its close proximity to Mumbai and Navi Mumbai cities, it is crucial to develop NAINA in an environmentally sustainable manner.


  • To create a city with world-class infrastructure having an efficient public transportation system, adequate affordable housing for all income groups, and promoting development giving due regard to the environment.
  • To use the land as a resource to make the project financially sustainable.
  • To provide landowners the opportunity to unlock their land potential by participating in the Town Planning Scheme.

By implementing these objectives, NAINA will not only serve as a model city with world-class amenities, but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the region.

Accomplishing The Unbelievable: Mission 96

CIDCO has successfully completed the construction of a remarkable 12-story residential tower in just 96 days, located in Kharkopar (E), Navi Mumbai. This incredible feat was made possible through the utilization of globally renowned advanced precast technology. By achieving this milestone, CIDCO has not only set a new standard in mass housing, but has also effectively fulfilled the objective of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) scheme, which aims to provide “Housing for All” in the most efficient manner.

CIDCO had set an ambitious goal known as “Mission 96” to complete the construction within a short timeframe. To accomplish this, the esteemed contractor, M/s Larsen & Toubro Ltd., adopted precast technology for ultra-rapid construction, ensuring the creation of safe and durable homes. The construction of the 12-story residential tower commenced on April 4, 2022, and successfully concluded on July 9, 2022. This achievement has not only met the stringent RERA norms for timely project completion, but has also surpassed expectations. This monumental accomplishment by CIDCO has set a new benchmark in all aspects of the housing industry, bringing us closer to fulfilling the aspirations of countless families who have placed their trust in CIDCO and chosen Navi Mumbai as their ultimate destination. The implementation of this advanced technology guarantees the highest standards of safety and quality, ensuring that the homes built will provide a secure and comfortable living environment.

Redefining Sporting Excellence: Centre Of Excellence (COE)

In an effort to transform Navi Mumbai into a thriving sports city and to promote the growing sport of football in India, CIDCO has embarked on a mission to create top-notch sports facilities within the city with the development of the COE (Centre of Excellence) as an international football stadium. Redefining Sporting Excellence: Centre Of Excellence (COE)

On Course

The development of the COE will be carried out in three distinct phases. In the first phase, four football fields, known as pitches, will be constructed, along with a spectator gallery featuring a state-of-the-art tensile roof system. This will provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the audience.

Moving on to the second phase, a clubhouse will be built, equipped with all the necessary amenities and athletic facilities. This clubhouse will operate on a membership model, ensuring that individuals have access to top quality facilities and services.

Finally, the third phase will see the construction of a cutting-edge FIFA football stadium. With a seating capacity of 40,000, it will be able to accommodate a large audience, ensuring an electrifying atmosphere during matches. This stadium will serve as the centerpiece of excellence, providing professional players with a dedicated space for pre-match practice. Additionally, it will host state and district-level matches, inter-college competitions, and youth development programmes, further nurturing the growth of football talent in the region.

Unveiling The Vision: Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area (NAINA)

In order to prevent any chaotic and unplanned development around the Navi Mumbai International Airport, CIDCO is undertaking the development of a city known as NAINA. This city will be located within a 20 km radius of the airport and will encompass 174 revenue villages from Panvel, Pen and Uran Talukas of Raigad District in Maharashtra, covering an area of 371 sq km. Given its close proximity to Mumbai and Navi Mumbai cities, it is crucial to develop NAINA in an environmentally sustainable manner.


  • To create a city with world-class infrastructure having an efficient public transportation system, adequate affordable housing for all income groups, and promoting development giving due regard to the environment.
  • To use the land as a resource to make the project financially sustainable.
  • To provide landowners the opportunity to unlock their land potential by participating in the Town Planning Scheme.

By implementing these objectives, NAINA will not only serve as a model city with world-class amenities, but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the region.

Revolutionising Travel & Infrastructure: Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA)

One of the world’s largest greenfield airports – implemented by CIDCO – and the first urban multiairport system in India, connects Navi Mumbai to the rest of the world. This project is considered to be one of CIDCO’s most ambitious and vital undertakings, resulting in the upliftment of Navi Mumbai.

Currently, Mumbai Airport handles nearly 48.81 million passengers per annum (MPPA). To meet the anticipated air travel demand of 100 MPPA by 2030 in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) approved the development of a greenfield airport in Navi Mumbai.

NMIA is designed to handle a minimum of 90 million passengers and 2.5 million tonnes of cargo annually. The primary objective of this airport is to alleviate the traffic congestion at Mumbai Airport. Together with CSIA, NMIA will form the first multi-airport city system in India, boasting excellent physical and social infrastructure, ensuring the airport’s technical feasibility and financial viability.

NMIA is being developed through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, with CIDCO providing equity contribution to establish a Special Purpose Company. CIDCO is having 26% equity shares in Special Purpose Vehicle. Phase I and Phase II of the project, with a combined capacity of 20 million passengers, are expected to be operational by the end of 2024, as per NMIA’s plans.

Unprecedented Speed: Successfully Cast 500 Slabs Within 489 Days

After the unprecedented success of Mission 96, CIDCO, under the guidance of former Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Dr Sanjay Mukherjee, has achieved yet another remarkable feat. They set a new record by completing the casting of 500 slabs in just 489 days under their Mass Housing Scheme, which falls under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY).

The construction of buildings in various nodes of Navi Mumbai, as part of CIDCO’s Mass Housing Scheme under PMAY, is currently underway. These apartments are specifically designed for individuals belonging to the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) and Low Income Groups (LIG).

CIDCO has placed great emphasis on completing the construction of these apartments in a shorter timeframe, without compromising on quality, in order to fulfill the common people’s dream of owning a home. They are now on the fast track to completing the construction of world-class buildings at an unprecedented speed.

Beyond The Waves: Nerul Jetty

In line with the Central Government’s inland water transport development policy, the Government of Maharashtra has entrusted CIDCO with the responsibility of developing water transport infrastructure in Navi Mumbai. As part of this initiative, CIDCO has taken on the task of constructing the Nerul Passenger Water Terminal.


The primary objective of the passenger water terminal is to significantly reduce travel time between Navi Mumbai and South Mumbai, as well as between Navi Mumbai and Konkan. Strategically located east of the NRI Complex, west of the Nerul-Uran Railway Line, and north of the Palm Beach Road, the terminal enjoys excellent connectivity. As a result, the Nerul Jetty has been developed under this project, and it won’t be long before catamaran and speedboat services overseen by the Maharashtra Maritime Board commence from this location.

Better Connectivity


Creek Bridge III To address the issue of traffic congestion on the Sion-Panvel Expressway, a plan has been put in place to construct additional lanes on the existing Thane Creek Bridge. The main objective of this project is to improve transportation infrastructure and alleviate traffic bottlenecks, ultimately making travel between Mumbai island city and the mainland more convenient. The scope of work includes construction of 3+3 lane additional bridges on both sides of the existing bridge. In February 2022, the CIDCO Board approved the allocation of ₹200 crores from CIDCO’s equity for the Thane Creek Bridge (TCB-III) project. This project will be carried out by the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) of Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Ltd (MSRDC).


Coastal Road To enhance transportation infrastructure and improve connectivity, a high-speed, 6-lane coastal road is being developed to connect Ulwe with the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) and the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. This ambitious project aims to reduce travel time and facilitate seamless movement of commuters and cargo.

CIDCO, the City and Industrial Development Corporation, has meticulously planned a new 6-lane road, complete with service roads, that will seamlessly link the MTHL with the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport. This strategic initiative, estimated to cost ₹681 crores, has already been awarded, and construction is slated to commence shortly.

The significance of this road cannot be overstated, as it will serve as a crucial conduit for passengers traveling from South Mumbai to NMIA, offering a faster and more direct route. By streamlining travel times, this road will alleviate congestion on the already heavily burdened Sion-Panvel Highway and Palm Beach Road, providing much-needed relief to commuters.


Coastal Road To address the need for a more convenient and efficient transportation option for residents within the city, as well as to enhance connectivity between Nerul, Belapur and Kharghar, CIDCO has devised a comprehensive plan for a major 6-lane urban arterial road.

This ambitious project is set to commence construction in the near future, pending the acquisition of the required clearances. Once completed, this road will serve as a highly convenient alternative to the heavily congested Sion-Panvel Expressway, enabling residents to travel within the city without the hassle of navigating through regional traffic.

By providing a dedicated route exclusively for local travel, this new road will not only alleviate the burden on existing transportation infrastructure, but also enhance the overall connectivity between these three key areas.

Future Ready: The Innovative Approach

CIDCO has consistently been meeting the mark since its inception in the 1970s. Creating an entirely new city that not only keeps up with the fastpaced nature of Mumbai but even surpasses it in certain regards, is an extraordinary achievement. CIDCO’s upcoming projects instill great optimism for the growth of Navi Mumbai and also for the city of Mumbai, which relies on them. Their mission to design and develop self-sustaining urban communities has not only been accomplished, but also continues to exceed expectations with every visionary project aiming to address the residential, commercial, socio-cultural and industrial requirements of the population. Undoubtedly, CIDCO is ably mapping its own success story through its achievements in Navi Mumbai, while supporting Mumbai too in the process.

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