Documentary on Indian journalist Ravish Kumar wins award at Toronto International Film Festival!

‘While We Watched: Namaskar, Main Ravish Kumar’ — the turbulent newsroom drama chronicles the working days of broadcast journalist Ravish Kumar as he navigates a spiraling world of truth and misinformation.

Award-winning filmmaker Vinay Shukla’s feature length documentary, While We Watched, has won the Amplify Voices Award at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF-2022).

At the centre of the film is the veteran reporter Ravish Kumar of India’s NDTV, who strives to uphold standards of independence and accountability. “Our job is to ask the most difficult questions to those in power,” he said.

Luke W. Moody, one of the film’s producers, said, “In this moment, we’re seeing a new wave of truth and what we understand to be news being manipulated globally to serve the dangerous power of the few. Who will speak up for truth and debate in the dark noise of propaganda? Vinay’s film is a dignified, stirring lens into that abyss and a call to recognise what we might lose while we watched.”

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