Effective Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo From JustHuman

The Justhuman Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo leaves your hair feeling fresh and cleansed. It comes with an all-natural formula to revive and restore your hair. Enriched with Capilia Longa, a plant-based ingredient proven to rebalance the hair growth cycle from root to tip, it also contains natural extracts of ginger and ginseng root. Regular use is said to promote hair density and strength.  

 Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo ₹1,249

The Justhuman Burgeon Hair Growth Serum is another winner, working to boost hair growth and prevent hair loss. Its all-natural formula features BURGEON-UP stem extract, a plant-based clinically proven ingredient that increases total hair follicles per sq metre. Besides preventing premature hair loss onset and reducing inflammation, the serum also keeps the hair strands hydrated and strong.

Burgeon Hair Growth Serum ₹1,400

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