Elevate Your Drinking Experience with Crystal Barware

Savour your favourite spirits with gorgeous crystal drink and barware. 

Crystal barware, renowned for its exquisite beauty and exceptional quality, has long been the epitome of luxury and refinement. From shimmering glassware to intricately cut decanters, each piece exudes elegance and style. Crystalware elevates experiences, making every dining moment a celebration of taste, style and sophistication.

Saint Louis Crystal Cadence Champagne Flute

₹20,143 for a set of 2

Jonathan Adler Boxed Versailles Glassware Set

₹12,086 for a set of 4

Waterford Crystal Winter Wonders Champagne Flutes

₹56,399 for a set of 6

Jonathan Hansen Cobalt Crystal Tumbler


Baccarat Everyday Baccarat Assorted Highballs

₹58,189 for a set of 6

Baccarat Harmonie Whiskey Decanter


Vista Alegre Fenix Whiskey Decanter With Gold Details


Versace Medusa Lumiere Short Stem Haze White Wine Glasses

₹51,475 for a set of 2

*Prices may vary

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