India’s First Water Metro

India’s first Water Metro is all set to launch in Kochi, Kerala, on April 25!

The Kochi Water Metro project, which cost a whopping ₹747 crores, is a waterway extension of the Kochi Metro and will have 78 air-conditioned electric ferries.

The project is aimed at integrating the population and providing them with ride quality and safety similar to the metro.

The ferries are battery-operated and can travel between routes in just 10-20 minutes, making travel in Kochi quick and convenient.

With a total of 38 stations and 78 ferry boats, the minimum ticket price for the Water Metro is Rs 20 and the maximum price is Rs 40. Passengers can also opt for weekly, monthly, or quarterly passes for convenience.

Government officials said: “It is envisaged as a transformational intervention set to revolutionize regional development.”

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