Kim K is The TIME 100 Most Influential Companies Cover Star!

Kim, the reality TV star turned entrepreneur, is the Founder of SKIMS. “It started off with simply finding shapewear that was a skin tone that would match my colour,” she told TIME. “I used to take my shapewear and dye it with tea bags and coffee in the bathtub.”

Three years after it was founded, in January 2022, SKIMS was valued at $3.2 billion. The company is now testing new brand extensions, like a line of men’s loungewear and underwear and even shapewear.

Kim manages the marketing and creatives of SKIMS. She has over 360 million Instagram followers and is a huge influence in media and entertainment. Whether the world wants to take her seriously or not as a businesswoman, her power is undeniable.

Video Courtesy: @time

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