Nature Conscious Designs From Sunil Patil & Associates

Sunil Patil Associates Pvt Ltd design projects that are in complete harmony with nature, showcasing climate responsive architecture.   

Ar Sunil Patil is a highly acclaimed professional known for his innovative designs and sustainable approach to architecture. His design journey has been characterised by a deep commitment to creating functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces that harmonise with their surroundings. Throughout his career, he has garnered numerous accolades and has been involved in several landmark projects that have left an indelible mark on the architectural landscape.

Here’s a peek at some of his most notable projects.

Collector Office, Pune

Sunil Patil and Associates

“Today, glass buildings are considered modern and iconic structures. This design is an attempt to break this myth and reinstate the climate-responsive architecture which is apt for the tropical climate of India,” says Sunil Patil. The Collector Office is an administrative headquarters perceived as the “Power House” and has been designed as a “Monumental Building”. This building, designed on the existing site, was meant to replace the cluster of small and old structures that were found functionally inefficient to cope with the growing requirements.

Sunil Patil and Associates

Adhering to the site conditions, the design started with the evolution of three masses – Office Wing A & B, a parking building set apart from each other to create a semi-open plaza, and the fourth mass – Wing C is designed on top of these three masses which completes the plaza. All the wings are connected by bridges at various levels. Each wing is designed with a central courtyard, to facilitate natural light and ventilation to every nook and corner of the space. 

Sunil Patil and Associates

The multi-storey parking building is designed instead of a basement parking lot to save the number of existing trees. The connection of the parking building to all floor levels allows officers to park their vehicles at the same levels as their offices, minimising the use of elevators.

Sunil Patil and Associates

The landscaped courtyard has been designed with a skylight having turbo ventilators on top, allowing natural light and ventilation. The building design is completely based on solar-passive, climate-responsive design strategies. All the areas are naturally day-lit and ventilated with optimised shading devices designed to control glare and heat gain, achieving thermal and visual comfort.

Earth House

Sunil Patil and Associates

Earth House is an attempt to create a built mass in harmony with nature and the natural form of the earth. The site is a piece of the mountain with a steep contour. The house is designed in such a way that it sits on the earth without disturbing its natural topography and contours. The earth continues on the terrace in the form of a landscape to retain the natural beauty of the mountain. It is designed in such a way that the spaces cascade down along the contour inside the earth by retaining the shape of the mountain. The spaces designed at various levels are connected through a series of courtyards which are dug-out in the earth, and also provide natural light and ventilation to the house. 

Sunil Patil and Associates

The house has a rustic tone with natural stone – shahabad – flooring and exposed concrete slabs for ceilings. The furniture in wood complements the raw and natural feel of the space. Ample natural and diffused light through the day allows one to enjoy the landscape view of the day. The creepers coming down from the roofs above create a beautiful screening for large openings. On entering the site through the gate, one does not see any structure but a series of landscaped terraces that are in continuation with the contour. 

House Of Lines 

This combination of wooden louvers and tandoor strips creates a contemporary yet rustic feel for this home. The verticality of the stones and louvers draw the name House of Lines. The site is located in Satara with a busy road towards the east and tall structures to the rest of the sides. 

Sunil Patil and Associates

From the cosy entrance foyer, one enters into a grand double-height living room that opens out to the northern garden and completely connects with the garden through large corner glazing and a walk-out. The double height gets emphasised by the tall vertical garden in the courtyard along with the pneumatic elevator which takes you to the above levels in case one does not want to take the stairs. 

The formal space with statuario marble flooring and Italian furniture is complemented by organic light fittings. The grey concrete-like texture wall on one side runs from ground level to the first floor and creates a nice contrast for the statuario flooring. 

The second floor is designed to have a gym with an adjacent modern bathroom with a jacuzzi. The vinyl flooring and long mirrors create just the right ambience for this gym. 

This article has been excerpted from our sister publication ‘Society Interiors & Design’.

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