Nicklas von Bueren Introduces Us To Opulent Selections From Lotus Arts de Vivre

Nicklas von Bueren, CEO, Lotus Arts de Vivre, introduces Amber Dias to the resplendent and unique creations the brand has to offer. 

A testament to opulence and grandeur, Lotus Arts de Vivre was founded by Rolf and Helen von Beuren four decades ago. Deeply inspired by Asian mythology, the brand crafts intricate masterpieces. From artefacts and statues to table decor and jewellery, a piece from Lotus Arts de Vivre’s impressive catalogue echoes opulence and grandeur. 

Forging Connections

Talking about what endears the brand to its customers, Nicklas reveals, “Firstly, our designs stand out. Each of them is unique and speaks for itself. All the designs are inspired by materials and craft techniques that tell a story, are timeless and LADV-specific. Secondly, hands-on customer service is very important and we make sure we have personal connections with each customer.”

The Indian Touch

As the brand steps into the Indian market, Nicklas is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. He says, “Our designs and workmanship have always been understood by the Indian market, due to India’s rich historic past. Somewhere there is a lot of similarity between the cultures of Asian countries which makes our brand appealing and desirable. My father and I have been coming to India since 1965, and it has always fascinated us how India is so unique with their art. A lot of our religious inspirations too come from India. We have collaborated with Heeramaneck & Sons, which has elevated our presence in the country even more.”

Unleash Your Dragon

What’s new at Lotus Arts de Vivre? “Our unique design and unparalleled craftsmanship are what define us and the brand. It’s our use of materials and craft that speak to those who enjoy and are keen followers of luxury and design. Each of our collections and pieces are unique and some of them are even singular in the world. Our latest collection, ‘Unleash Your Dragon’, is an ode to this year, 2024, being the year of the dragon.”

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