Revitalizing face serums from Faces Canada

Clear, hydrated skin is the dream, but sometimes it needs a little extra help. The hydrating range of vegan serums from Faces Canada promises to do just that. The Glow Lift Serum with dragonfruit is packed with vitamins B3 and C. It helps tackle dark spots and brings out a natural glow. It also claims to soothe sunburns and fight early signs of ageing. The Pro Clear Skin Serum with matcha green tea, on the other hand, contains salicylic acid which is a plus when dealing with acne-prone skin. And finally, the Pro Hydration Serum with cactus which contains hyaluronic acid helps lock in moisture, leaving the skin feeling fresh. 

Image Captions

  1. Glow Lift Serum Dragonfruit ₹549
  1. Pro Clear Skin Serum Matcha Green Tea ₹549
  1. Pro Hydration Serum Cactus ₹549

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