Building Tomorrow: Sahil Bipin Mehta On Vardhaman Infra’s Vision For Smart And Sustainable Development

Sahil Bipin Mehta, Chairman & Managing Director, Vardhaman Infra Construction Limited sheds light on how the company is embracing the changes in the real estate sector to exceed the expectations of customers.

By Nichola Marie

Could you provide our readers with an overview of Vardhaman Group and its journey in the real estate sector?

The Vardhaman Group has been a key player in the real estate industry, with a legacy spanning several decades. Established with a vision to redefine urban living, our journey has been marked by a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Over the years, we have successfully delivered residential and commercial projects that reflect our ethos of excellence. The real estate sector is dynamic and ever-evolving.

How does Vardhaman Group stay ahead of the curve and maintain its leading position?

Adaptability and innovation are at the core of our strategy. We consistently invest in research and development to understand market trends, consumer preferences, and technological advancements. Our focus is not just on building structures but on creating sustainable, intelligent, and aesthetically pleasing spaces that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Sustainability is a growing concern in the real estate sector. How does the Vardhaman Group integrate sustainable practices into its projects?

Sustainability is a non-negotiable aspect of our projects. From the planning stage to construction and maintenance, we prioritise eco-friendly practices. This includes the use of green building materials, energy-efficient technologies, and a commitment to minimising our carbon footprint. Our goal is to contribute positively to the environment while providing modern, comfortable living spaces.

Vardhaman Group has a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial projects. Could you highlight some of your flagship developments and the unique features they offer?

Our flagship developments are a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation. These projects often integrate state-of-theart amenities, cutting-edge architectural designs, and thoughtful urban planning. We aim to create not just buildings but vibrant communities that enhance the overall quality of life for residents.

Customer satisfaction is a key factor in any industry. How does the Vardhaman Group ensure a positive experience for its clients, from the initial stages of a project to its completion?

Customer satisfaction is paramount for us. We prioritise transparency, open communication, and timely project delivery. Our customer-centric approach involves understanding the unique needs of each client and incorporating their feedback into our projects. Regular updates, post-sales services, and a commitment to quality craftsmanship contribute to the overall satisfaction of our clients.

Looking ahead, what is the vision of Vardhaman Group for the future, and how do you see the real estate landscape evolving in the coming years?

Our vision is to continue setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation in the real estate sector. We anticipate an increased focus on smart and sustainable development, with advancements in technology playing a significant role. Vardhaman Group is prepared to embrace these changes, continuing to create spaces that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers. We look forward to continuing our journey of shaping the future of urban living and contributing positively to the real estate landscape.

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