Legendary hairstylist Nalini Naegamvala of Nalini & Yasmin Salon, who is a member of Beautiful Hearts Fund, participated in a Christmas event for senior citizens of St. Anthony’s Home for the Aged in Bandra, Mumbai.

Says Nalini, “We gave them a haircut, did their nails and entertained them with song ‘n’ dance! Biryani and cake topped off the fun celebration! Brendon, a young musician, played good music; while Darryl, dressed as Santa, danced with them and they were like teenagers once again!

“Old age can be lonely and we all can help the needy of our community by participating in various social causes.”

Incidentally, Nalini is well-known for imparting skill based training to underprivileged women by teaching them basic hair and beauty courses. “This initiative has been very rewarding and it is wonderful to see women gain independence financially. So many of them have then educated their children and because of this, the next generation has moved away from poverty,” she sums up.

Nalini is sure doing her bit and inspiring others to follow suit!

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