Netflix officially cracks down on its freeloaders.

Essentially, the streaming platform wants an account to only be available to people who live together in a single household.

By early 2023, password sharing will be avoided by asking subscribers to add “extra members” to their plans.

How it would work would be – each account will support up to 5 profiles for every member of the family to personalize their viewing experience. However, family or friends who live outside the household will need to either sign up for their own account or be added as an “extra member.”

To make the switch easier, netflix is coming up with an ad supported membership plan which is reportedly a cheaper alternative. Moreover, the streaming platform has said that people’s viewing history should remain the same post switch.

What brings this change? The company realised they were losing subscribers and their stock drastically plummeted. It was reportedly announced that the platform believed around 30 million households in Canada and the US were accessing Netflix through shared passwords, which brought about this fall.

Hence, in light of recent competition with other platforms like hbo max, primevideo, appleplus, disneyplus etc, Netflix is soon expected to launch its update.

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