Chronicling The Iconic Swiss Army Knife

It all began in 1897, when Karl Elsener patented the original Officer’s and Sports Knife, also known worldwide as the Swiss Army Knife.

This year, 2022, Victorinox celebrates the 125th anniversary of this iconic product which stands for functionality, reliability, quality, and iconic design… the absolute cornerstone in the brand’s history.

In honour of the 125th Anniversary of the Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox India hosted a Round Table with Victorinox CEO, and fourth generation of the family-owned company, Mr. Carl Elsener.

The virtual interaction with Mr. Elsener, from the Victorinox Headquarters in Ibach, Switzerland, was wonderful! He told us about the iconic 138-year-old company and its products, cushioned by facts, figures and charming anecdotes.

In honour of the Anniversary, Victorinox launched the ‘Replica 1897’, a true replica knife based on the first original Officer’s and Sports knife. A limited edition, it makes for a superb collector’s item or an incredible gift.

The post interview dinner at Souk, Taj Palace Hotel, Mumbai, was a gastronomical adventure. Classy and fun, it was a delightful evening! Everyone present raised a toast to the little red knife – a symbolic representation of Switzerland!

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