Rizwan Sajan’s Vision: Danube Properties Redefines Prestige In Dubai’s Real Estate

He’s a name that shines bright on the Dubai real estate horizon. Rizwan Sajan, Founder & Chairman of Danube Group (the parent company of Danube Properties), is well-known for his dynamic leadership in creating exceptional residential properties. Thanks to him, making one’s housing dream a reality in glitzy Dubai is highly possible today. Without a doubt, Danube Properties has made noteworthy inroads into Dubai’s real estate market, cementing Rizwan Sajan’s status as a real estate tycoon.

By Andrea CostaBir

What inspired you to become a real estate entrepreneur in Dubai? Rizwan Sajan and Danube Properties are trending names in UAE’s realty industry today. Please share some key milestones and achievements in your real estate career.

In 2022, we experienced a record and prosperous year. We were able to launch and sell out five projects, including Pearlz, Gemz, Petalz, Opalz, and Elitz, which totaled 2,099 homes valued at Dh2 billion as compared to our prior strategy of launching 1-2 projects annually. Additionally, we are scheduled to deliver three projects – Olivz, Wavez, and Jewelz – in 2023 involving 1,308 units with a development value exceeding Dh700 million.

Danube Properties launched 25 residential projects in 9 years since the company started development activities in 2014, and 10 projects to be launched in the last 19 months; which translates to one project launched in less than every two months – making it also the busiest and the fastest-growing private real estate developer in the UAE.

What innovative technologies or design concepts does Danube Properties incorporate into its developments to enhance the living experience for residents?

At Danube Properties, we have undertaken several strategic decisions to make buildings environmentally friendly, and smart, reduce cost and waste, and pass on the savings to the property buyers. We have also initiated an industry-leading and trend-setting 1% monthly payment plan to help home buyers acquire their dream homes without seeking a bank loan. We are also fully committed to building green, comfortable, and sustainable homes and communities.

What unique features or aspects of Danube Properties would you want to highlight to make it an unforgettable experience for potential buyers?

Our properties offer a combination of prestige, exceptional quality, and world-class services associated with renowned global brands. The exclusive amenities, top-notch facilities, and impeccable design provide a luxurious and distinctive living experience. Furthermore, branded residences like Fashionz, Oceanz, and Viewz hold significant investment potential, attracting both local and international investors. The city’s diverse and cosmopolitan population appreciates the international recognition and lifestyle offerings that come with these properties.

How does Danube Properties prioritize customer satisfaction and engagement throughout the property development process?

Danube Properties is dedicated to offering comprehensive support and services to buyers throughout the entire purchasing journey and beyond. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we strive to provide a seamless, end-to-end experience. Notably, we’ve taken customer service to a new level by becoming one of the first developers in the GCC region to offer on-site Oqood, which is akin to an initial sale contract. This achievement underscores the trust bestowed upon Danube Properties by the Government of Dubai.

Moreover, our customer sales and brokers team is proficient in multiple languages, ensuring effective communication with clients from diverse backgrounds. We’ve also established a robust online sales mechanism, allowing buyers to make purchases from anywhere in the world without the need to physically visit Dubai. At Danube Properties, we believe in going the extra mile to simplify the property buying process and provide ongoing support, ensuring that our customers receive the best-in-class service and a hassle-free experience.

Does Danube Properties engage in any community or philanthropic activities in Dubai or the UAE?

As a group, we have several CSR initiatives, including one that focuses on improving English language communication among the laborers, among others. In 2023, we:

• Contributed Dh5 million to 1 billion endowment – a fantastic initiative under the respected rulers to lead global humanitarian efforts and make Dubai a hub of innovation.

• Contributed Dh200,000 to Dubai Police for Ramadan Games as a token of respect for the safety and security that they provide round the clock.

• Groundbreaking support to Dubai Land Department for building a mosque for the community (the only mosque in the area – Dubai Motor City, Dubai Studio City).

We continue to work towards our sustainability commitment in line with the “2023 – the year of sustainability” narrative by the Dubai Government. We are fully committed to building green, comfortable, and sustainable homes and communities. We also work with several government bodies and support their initiatives to improve the lives of people in the UAE.

What is your personal motto which has guided you through your journey in the real estate world?

I believe in always working hard and never giving up on my dreams. When people say no to me, I don’t listen to them. I only listen to my intuition, and if my heart says go for it, l go for it!

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