Rohit Roy & Manasi Joshi Roy Get Candid About Their Love For Travelling

Globetrotters, Rohit Roy and Manasi Joshi Roy, dish on their worldwide escapades to Hannah Cardozo.

Rohit Roy and Manasi Joshi Roy have worked in the Indian television and cinema space for over 20 years. However, be it long shoots or busy schedules, they have always made travel a priority. Along with their daughter Kiara, they have travelled far and wide and there is no end in sight to their bucket list. As experienced travellers, they gave us the inside scoop on their voyages…

What are your top three travel destinations?

Rohit: 1. Providence, Rhode Island, since our daughter studies there at Brown.

2. New York, because I love the hustle and bustle.

3. Anywhere in the countryside of Italy because it is peaceful and quiet.

Manasi: 1. The US, because our daughter studies there. Any opportunity to go to Providence, Rhode Island, I will be there.

2. The Maldives, that’s the most relaxed holiday.

3. Goa, I just love Goa!

Any exciting activities that you highly recommend at these destinations?

Rohit: New York is the perfect city for a tourist. There’s enough to do in terms of museums, art festivals, Broadway, fine dining, and pub crawls. I love shopping on the streets of New York. If anybody is planning a trip to Italy, I must tell you guys, do visit the countryside. And if possible, go to the Lazy Olive; it’s incredible.

Manasi: Providence is very charming, I love wandering the streets, and exploring the little restaurants and beautiful libraries. I love the Maldives because it’s a very peaceful holiday, you can sit with a book and relax. Goa has become the cuisine capital of India; there are fantastic restaurants. I love shopping because you have some of the nicest stores and boho chic stuff.

Which aspect of travelling do you find most appealing?

Rohit: Travelling in itself is appealing. Our holiday starts the moment we are in the airport lounge. It is not about getting to a destination, I think the holiday should begin when you get together.

Manasi: Travelling exposes me to new worlds, cuisines, cultures, and people. And that for me is great because I believe travel expands your horizon like nothing else can do.

Which is your favourite travel destination in India?

Rohit: I can’t pick one favorite destination in India, because I love every part of it, every corner is different. You get to see so many different cultures, cuisines, and speak to people in different dialects. I love that about our country.

Manasi: It is Goa for sure.

Could you share some hidden gems that may not be in your top three destinations?

Rohit: There’s this place called Podere Finerri meaning The Lazy Olive in Italy. Two professors got together and refurbished this 100-year-old location. At six o’clock, everybody has dinner together. The culture Michael and his wife have brought into that place is lovely.

Manasi: One hidden gem for us as a family has been this place called Manoribel. It’s a charming little hotel in Manori, Mumbai. We’ve been going to it regularly over the years.

How do you prioritise travelling, especially with your busy schedules?

Rohit: I come from a middle-class family where we couldn’t travel much. So when we did travel, it was imprinted on my mind – I can still feel the chill of Kashmir and the rush of going down in a sled. Since we didn’t get to do that often, I do a lot of it now.

Manasi:  Rohit and I usually planned our travel around Kiara’s school breaks. We would make sure that in summer, we took her out for a holiday somewhere.

Is there a particular place that you wouldn’t mind visiting multiple times?

Rohit: Well, I don’t mind going to the US again and again. It’s such a vast country. We have friends and family all over. The US always holds some kind of charm for me.

Manasi: Not a particular place, but a particular adventure I now want to do several times over is safaris. We visited Tadoba, Maharashtra, last year, and I loved it.

Which place is the most culturally invigorating?

Rohit: India is very culturally invigorating. From all the countries that I’ve been to, I don’t think there’s any country as diverse as India. There are not just places to visit, but there are also stories behind everything.

Manasi: India is the most culturally invigorating place. I remember when the pandemic set in, that was the year I decided I would visit one Indian state every month but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Do you have detailed plans for your trips or do you go with the flow?

Rohit: Manasi is the one who likes to plan. The good thing about that is there are no surprises. I, on the other hand, like to go unplanned. As long as you know your destination, getting lost is a good thing.

Manasi: I always have detailed plans for all my trips. I love to research; for me, half the fun of a trip begins when I start reading up on where we are going and figuring out which restaurants to go to.

As experienced travellers, what travel tips can you offer to others?

Rohit: Travel, travel, travel, travel, travel… because that will always broaden your horizons. There’s always something to learn, enjoy, imbibe. Make sure to research what to be careful of at your destination.

Manasi: Knowing where you’re going and making sure you don’t miss out on things is essential. But don’t just focus on that. Try to explore some unusual activities that the place offers, and try to travel a little bit off the beaten path.

What are a few places that are currently on your bucket list?

Rohit: Machu Picchu in Peru is on Manasi’s and my bucket list, and she’s my partner in crime.

Manasi: My bucket list is so long. Top of the list is Machu Picchu, Northern Lights, and an Alaskan cruise.

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