Tableware That’s Designed To Impress

Dine in style with classy, intricate and simply beautiful tableware!

An elegant dining experience calls for a sumptuous meal, but more importantly, beautiful tableware. With clean lines, intricate patterns, metallic etching and a gentle play of colour, tableware brings an aura of romance and sophistication to the table. The right tableware can lift the entire experience and without a doubt, leave your guests impressed.

Hermès Passifolia

Dinnerware Collection

Approximately ₹ 11467 – 1,71,187

Bernardaud Kintsugi Sarkis Collection

Approximately ₹ 8,298 – 1,94,505

Hering Berlin Ocean Dinnerware Collection

Approximately ₹11,227 – 70,149

Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Half Lace Collection
Approximately ₹ 13,655 – 38,866

Raynaud Cristobal Coral Dinnerware Collection

Approximately ₹ 9,419 – 42,184

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