Fruity Liqueurs To Lift Your Spirits Up

It ain’t a party without a cocktail – for some at least – and at the heart of some of the best are tangy, fruity liqueurs. Not to be confused with liquor. And while they bring a burst of flavour and vibrancy to cocktails, they can also be used in food preparations or served on their own as an aperitif. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest fruit liqueurs from across the globe.

Blue Curaçao

Blue Curaçao, named after the island it originated from, is an orange-flavoured liqueur, falvoured with the peels of the Laraha orange and is well-loved for its tantalizing blue hue. It has a citrusy and tangy edge to it that makes drinks refreshing.

Cool Blue Cocktails To Chill Out With:

• Blue Lagoon
• Midnight Kiss
• Blue Diablo


A traditional Portuguese sour cherry liqueur, Ginjinha or Ginja has a ruby red hue and is subtly sweet to taste. Its most distinguishing feature, however, is the strong aroma of cherries. It is generally served as a digestif – preferably neat with an alcohol-soaked cherry. However, it does make a mean cocktail or two. 

Ginja Cocktails To Sip On:

• Cherry Mimosa
• Negroni Sour
• Lover’s Mule


Aperol, hailing from Padua, Italy, is an infusion of sweet oranges, rhubarb, herbs and alcohol. It offers fruity, floral and bitter flavours. Often preferred served over ice, it pairs beautifully with fruit juices or sodas. 

Tangy Cocktails To Toast With:

• Aperol Spritz
• Division Bell
• Paper Plane


Sweet, clear and vibrant green, Midori is a melon-flavoured liqueur – infused with yubari and muskmelons sourced from Japan. Originating from Japan, this liqueur can be enjoyed on its own, but  is usually preferred in a cocktail as it blends well with spirits and juices. 

Sweet Green Cocktails To Party With:

• Japanese Slipper
• Midori Melon Ball
• Midori Illusion


An Italian favourite, Limoncello is crafted by infusing lemon zest in a neutral spirit, combining it with sugar and water and filtering it after a resting period. It has a vibrant yellow hue, and is fresh and sweet to taste with strong citrus notes. It must always be served chilled, perhaps even in ice-cold glasses. It finds favour not just as an aperitif and in cocktails, but in desserts too. 

Zesty Cocktails To Get Your Spirits Up:

• Lemon Drop
• Limoncello Sunrise
• Italian Sun

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