The Hottest Wheels On The Road

Sleek, speedy and super luxurious – these cars are every driver’s dream (and perhaps every passenger’s too). With sink-in interiors that delight and smooth control, they definitely take the cruising experience up a notch, while the striking designs definitely catch a few eyes, making quite the impression.

Jaguar XJ

A svelte machine with upgraded interior tech, this car can make anyone look cool.
Starting at approximately ₹ 77,65,484

Porsche Panamera

A super-luxe sports car, with a chiselled body that is nimble and handles much smoother than some of its predecessors.

Starting at approximately ₹1,58,20,643

Rolls-Roycs Wraith

Called the most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce in history, it offers an experience that experts recommend car enthusiasts sample at least once.

Starting at approximately ₹ 2,66,58,473

BMW 7 Series

Fast, smooth and easy to drive, this car has proven to be comfortably efficient for a large car.

Starting at approximately ₹1,13,26,986

Audi 8

A smart car that is comfortably spacious, though a bit on the heavy side.

Starting at approximately


Bentley Continental GT

Giving the people what they want, this car is sportier, smoother and has a whole lot of swagger.

Starting at approximately ₹1,61,07,133

Range Rover

A powerful machine that may lack dynamism but definitely stands tall in a class of its own.

Starting at approximately ₹86,78,010

Mercedes S-Class

Setting new standards for tech integration, it is easier to operate and is a beautifully rendered machine.

Starting at approximately ₹79,02,894

*Prices are approximations of international rates. Dealer rates may differ.

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