When in doubt, go monochrome!

Paprika Rawal, Design Head, MADAME, clues us in on why monochrome is stealing the spotlight.

The age of minimalism is here, and it is reflected in everything that we do. The idea is to declutter and stick to the minimal – this applies to wardrobes too. And that’s where monochrome outfits come in. The combination of simple black and white, or a hue of a single solid colour, is what new-age fashionistas are flaunting!

The fashionable choice

Black and white are favourites for a reason. The first being, the flexibility to mix and match several tones without seeming haphazard and unprofessional. Monochrome outfits are also the preferred choice for influencers and celebrities because of the potential to play with a single colour and express their unique personalities – just ask Kareena Kapoor Khan, Katrina Kaif or Tapsee Pannu who have been mesmerising audiences with their understated yet chic ensembles. 

What makes monochrome so special is that it appeals to all ages and personalities – be it a trendy college student, a rising professional or a star strutting the red carpet. A monochrome outfit will never fail to impress. 

The buzz about monochrome

Monochrome designs first took form in the 1920s when Coco Chanel was experimenting with black and white as a concept with the goal to make apparel more stylish, modern and sophisticated. Since then the trend has risen and fallen several times, but it has this inherent timeless quality that ensures it always makes its way back on the fashion scene. 

Pairing white with black, blue, brown or beige are some of the more popular monochromatic combinations, but the combination possibilities when playing with a single colour are endless, and that’s what makes this style fun! A monochromatic outfit not only exudes sophistication, but also offers the freedom to experiment with striking accessories. On a slightly different note, they also make arranging your closet a breeze. 

Finding your style

Adopting the monochrome trend sounds simple enough, but that’s not always so. The look can actually be rather challenging to pull off, especially if you lean towards bright colours or light neutrals. Finding a monochromatic look that works for you might just take some trial and error. 

The good thing about it though is that you can create a look with any colour you choose. Pulling out everything you own and playing around with different combinations is the best way to start crafting your own signature look. Just choose the most flattering combos, match them with stylish shoes, and you’re good to go.

While you are at it, remember to maintain a balance so that one colour/shade does not dominate the look. Add some depth with small accessories or whatever pairs best with your outfit. 

It’s time to fly solo

The monochrome trend is by no means a new one, but it is definitely seeing a resurgence… If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot, you just might like what you see. So be fearless, experiment and find a look that’s uniquely you. 

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