Actor, producer and director Brad Pitt recently came out with his own genderless skincare line.

Le Domaine, as he calls it, is a glorious amalgamation of science and nature, and it also happens to come with a glorious price tag.

The brand currently has 4 products: a serum, a cream, a fluid cream and a cleansing emulsion which are 350 EUR, 275 EUR, 265 EUR and 70 EUR respectively.

His products mainly have two patented and active ingredients namely GSM10®️ and ProGR3®️. GSM10®️ is made from a combination of marc from Grenache seeds, Syrah seeds and skins of post-biotic micro-organisms. ProGR3®️ is a combination of 3 natural molecules present in plant extracts, vine sarments, camomile and green tea.

These ingredients are naturally sourced from a vineyard Pitt owns called Château Miraval with the help of his partnership with the Perrin family. The goal of the brand, according to Pitt, is to shift to green beauty and allow the masses to truly reconnect with nature.

The masses, on the other hand, are enraged with the prices and have taken to social media to talk about it!!

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